Why Don’t Teachers Get Married?

Why Don’t Teachers Get Married?

This is not a good prospect for a country. We see more and more virgin teachers among our teachers.

Every virgin teacher I met was a good-looking, well-dressed person.

If educated people do not leave their descendants, how will they build a nation in the future of the country?

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has wisely decided to take care of one of two children after marrying a graduate.

In this country, educated parents are careful not to adopt more than one or two or four children in order to raise a child successfully.

To make matters worse, many well-to-do, well-educated women are no longer married.

I read in one of the bulletins that the number of women was almost double that of men.

In this day and age, there are many young people who use alcohol and drugs. There are a lot of unknown deaths.

The easy access to alcohol and drugs in the country is a loss of human resources as well as good citizens.

For generations, if a system was to change in a country, it would have to change by the power of the educated middle class. Where will the educated and middle class contribute to the development of this country?

I think one day the country will change in a way that values ​​education and places the educated middle class.

At the moment, it is as if they are not getting married because of the problem of losing their youth resources

Concerns about the possibility of extinction for the society in which they live were deeply ingrained.

(A thought I had today) “A teacher”